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Seed Time to Harvest is all about Helping Others Live Healthier.  We believe in the wellness model of health, which focuses on proper nutrition and exercise, while also eliminating the toxic build-up in our body and our environment. This is being accomplished through my Organic Gardening Made Easy workbook, Vibrant Organic Salads raw food recipe book, Healthy Heart for a Healthy Body seminars, Vibrant Life Health Seminars, and Wellness Screening Events. We consider our Mission to be unique and special because we take the time to educate our customers and to find out their personal needs and interests in order to better help them accomplish their goals.  Be sure to visit our new website, a New Vibrant You!

Our "Vibrant Life" Health Seminars focus on:

  • Organic vs Commercial food and life style - what have they done to our food? You might be shocked at what you are eating!!!
  • Vibrant Life Secrets for Obtaining and Maintaining Vibrant Health
  • Preventing and Reversing Heart Disease - Backed by Nobel Prize Winning Science, 22 years of clinical application and the Most Comprehensive Human Clinical Study ever Conducted on a Nutritional Product.
  • The Critical Role of Nitric Oxide and how to produce it Naturally in your body
  • A Healthy Heart for a Healthy Body
  • Sprouting for Maximum Health
  • Obtaining and Maintaining a Healthy Colon
  • Preparing Healthy Meals Using Super Foods / Menu and Recipe Handouts
  • Exercising & Detoxing Every Cell in the Body /10 Minute a Day Program 
  • The Benefits of Using an Infrared Sauna 
  • And Much More!

Organic Gardening Made Easy Workbook

In my newly released book “Organic Gardening Made Easy" I teach you how to garden successfully in your kitchen growing sprouts, in the ground in your backyard or community garden space, in containers and in simple and affordable hydroponic systems and kits.  We carry everything you need to follow our protocol.  My new book is designed to act as a workshop in a full page workbook giving you step-by-step vissual and verbal instructions and information that will help you to become a very successful organic gardener.   If you have children or grandchildren, you will want to teach them, too!   Also, you will have ongoing access by email for further questions and advice. Click Here for a preview look at my new book and to order yours at our new introductory price.


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"Organic Gardening Made Easy"
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"Organic Gardening Made Easy" Workbook

Learn How to Grow Healthy Organic Food at Home through newly released gardening workbook. Teach the whole family to garden; it is so much fun and so educational, plus, your food will be much healthier!  I have 40 years experience and will show you how to be successful in any kind of soil and how to produce what I produce without knowing all I know.  Click Here to learn more.

Gardening In The Ground

The "Organic Gardening Made Easy" workbook will teach you how to make a raised bed in 20 to 30 minutes, from grass to the planting of your seeds or starter plants.

This picture was taken 5 weeks after planting the seed: Sugar Snap Peas, Snow Peas, Zucchini, Green Beans, Arugula, lettuce, herbs, etc.

Gardening in Containers

Our method of container gardening is designed to give your plants super drainage and an abundance of oxygen to the root system, creating massive growth in record time.  This will maximize the speed of maturity with no insect problem, no weeds, and the most incredible flavored, nutritious packed vegetables you ever ate!

This is our 2' x 4' Super Grow Garden that sits in a custom build wood stand with wheels on one end.  It is designed to be moved like a wheel barrel!  The tray is removable and can be purchased separately. See details and pricing on our
 product and services page.

This is the lettuce in the Super Grow Garden Box, 2 1/2 weeks from 3" starter plants. It is already mature and ready to pick!  Most lettuce types can be cut at soil level, leaving the root, and it will grow another lettuce from the same root.  It then allows surrounding plants to continue to grow until picked.

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Our contact information:
Phone: 352-427-5440

     Joy Matwyshen, Vibrant Life Educator and Coach, Writer   and Author, Organic Grower and  Teacher, Founder and Owner of   Seed Time to Harvest

"I went from almost dead to vibrant life" in my early 20's! It is now the passion of my heart to share my knowledge with others!  My mission is Helping Families Live Healthier! 

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Meet our Team

The Seed Time to Harvest team is working hard to present you with the knowledge needed to prevent and reverse sickness and disease.  Your body will heal itself and stay healthy when you give it the proper nutrition and exercise it needs to detoxify, heal, restore, build and maintain vibrant health. Please join us in our Vibrant Life workshops and seminars. You will be notified weekly when you sign up for our newsletter.

Below is the Seed Time to Harvest Team and we are here to serve you.

Owner and Vibrant Life          Professional Health
Educator, Joy Matwyshen      Coach and
                                              Wellness  Educator,
                                              Richard Matwyshen

    Office Manager and          Product Orders and           Assistant Director             Business Manager
    Connie  Packard               Growing consultant                                                    Joe Ceballos

                                              Marketing Manager, 
Journalist, Lexy Ceballos       Michelle Ceballos

"Vibrant Life" Health Seminars and Wellness Screenings

Seed Time to Harvest holds on-going seminars and mini-seminars you won’t want to miss!  The focus of these seminars is to encourage you and teach you how to take control of your life and your health.  You will learn the importance of removing the cause rather than treating the symptoms. 

Call today to learn more about setting up an event for your club, organization, church, business and other groups.  

One of the events we do is a free wellness Screening.  If you are a business this is a great "Added Value" event for you to offer to business clients, customers and employees!  This can attract new customers and increased yearly revenue for your

Call today to learn more:

Richard Matwyshen, Professional
Health Coach & Wellness Educator

 Joy Matwyshen, Vibrant Life Educator, Organic Grower, Teacher and Author

Cell Phone: 352-427-5440
Business Phone: 352-7510365

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